10 Expert Tips for Perfectly Applying Mascara

10 Expert Tips for Perfectly Applying Mascara

To us mascara is a makeup essential that can instantly elevate your face look, having gorgeous, fuller-looking eyelashes is essential for achieving a polished finish in any makeup style. And you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to create impactful eye makeup looks, even though applying mascara correctly can be a bit tricky, and a simple mistake can ruin your entire makeup look, fear not! With our ten expert tips, you can master the art of applying mascara like a pro to achieve those stunning, envy-worthy lashes. Mascara is everyone's favorite choice for a quick and natural look, whether we're running errands or having a relaxed Saturday morning brunch. It's effortless and only takes a few minutes to perfect.

1. Choose the Right Mascara for Your Lashes – Decide on What Look You Want to Achieve.

Before you start applying mascara, it's crucial to choose the right formula for your lashes. Research the correct mascara, read labels, make sure you know what you’re using is safe for you. Different mascaras cater to specific needs, so take the time to read labels and pick the one that suits your lash goals. Whether you have thin or thick lashes, our mascara is designed to deliver stunning results. You can achieve the perfect amount of volume without compromising on precision, giving you the confidence to rock your look all day long. Our unique mascara brush strikes the perfect balance between volume and precision. Its carefully crafted thickness ensures that you get the desired volume without worrying about clumps or smudges. The brush's precise bristles separate and coat each lash evenly, resulting in a flawless application that enhances your natural beauty.

2. Curl and Separate Your Lashes Before Applying Mascara.

For an extra lift and curl, use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. This step will open up your eyes and give the illusion of longer lashes. Be gentle and hold the curler for a few seconds at the base of the lashes, middle, and tips. No matter how careful you are during application, your lashes tend to clump and stick together if not properly prepped. To prevent this, use an eyelash comb to separate your lashes after you have curled them. This step will allow your mascara to adhere better to your eyelashes and fan out each individual lash. Keep in mind that curling your lashes afterward can cause them to fall out or break more easily.

3. Wiggle the Wand at the Roots.

Start by positioning the mascara wand at the base of your lashes and wiggle it back and forth gently. This technique helps coat the roots evenly, providing a fuller appearance and preventing any clumps at the lash line. If you start with the tips first, they will be overloaded with product, become heavy, your lashes will stay straight and you will lose the much desired curved effect. This method ensures that every lash is coated evenly and prevents excess product buildup.

4. Change the Angle of the Brush.

Angle the wand vertically and gently brush up against your lashes to achieve even coverage. Then, switch the brush to a diagonal downward angle and gently move across your eye, allowing the bristles to touch the tips of your upper lashes, separating them and eliminating any clumps.

5. Don't Rush It!

Though it may seem insignificant, the manner in which you remove the mascara wand from the tube can impact your application. Regardless of the mascara product you select to use, this small detail can make a difference in the final result.

Take your time when applying mascara, even if you're busy and in a rush. Rushing through makeup application can lead to uneven lash separation and incorrect techniques, resulting in an undesirable outcome. There's a risk of smudging and potentially ruining the rest of your makeup. So, it's important to be patient and apply mascara carefully for the best results. To avoid the dreaded spider-leg effect, apply mascara in thin, light coats. Layering not more than two thin coats allows you to build volume and length without clumping. Go slowly and be patient; the results will be worth it.

6. Avoid Pumping the Mascara Wand.

Avoid the temptation to pump the mascara wand in and out of the tube. Pumping introduces air into the container, leading to faster drying of the mascara and increasing the risk of bacterial contamination. Instead, gently swirl the wand inside the tube to pick up the product. Remember that all mascaras have a wiper, so this method will not yield more product. In fact, you don't need a lot of product on the wand; if anything, it's crucial to ensure you wipe off excess product before application.

Many times, there is more product on the brush than necessary, which can lead to overloaded lashes and clumping. To prevent this, it's advisable to wipe off some of the product before applying the mascara. Taking this step will give you better control over the amount of product on your lashes, resulting in a more precise and flawless application.

7. Apply Mascara on Your Lower Lashes.

The lower lashes are often overlooked but play a significant role in defining your eyes. Use the mascara wand vertically to coat the lower lashes gently. Be careful not to apply too much product to avoid smudging throughout the day. When dealing with your lower lashes, try and avoid excessive product application and clumping. As the lower lashes are generally more delicate than the upper ones, any clumps will be more noticeable. To prevent this, use the tip of the wand and apply mascara sparingly at the roots of the lashes. Wiggle the bristles back and forth for a smooth and even coat, ensuring a flawless finish. Keep in mind that applying more layers of mascara does not necessarily result in richer or more voluminous lashes. Instead, it can lead to a spider leg effect, where the lashes clump together.

8. Clean Up Mistakes with a Cotton Swab.

If you accidentally smudge mascara on your eyelids or under the eyes, don't panic! Let the smudges dry before wiping away with a dry cotton swab, which is all you need to gently clean up the smudges without disturbing the rest of your makeup.

9. Hygiene First!

Avoid hoarding mascara and keeping old ones for too long. Mascara has an expiration date, and even if it appears usable, it may harm your eye health without you realizing it. Never share your mascara with others. Last but not least, always remove your mascara before going to bed. Leaving mascara on overnight can cause your lashes to become brittle and prone to breakage. Use a gentle eye makeup remover to take off every trace of mascara.

10. Dramatic Volume Trick.

Our mascara is designed to provide you with luxurious volume using two texturizing agents within our formula. However, if you're looking to take it up a notch, we have a trick for you: enhance the effect by applying translucent powder between coats. Once you've applied a single coat of mascara, gently apply a touch of powder to the lash tips before adding a second coat to complete your desired look.

With these ten expert tips, you can master the art of applying mascara like a pro. Remember to choose the right mascara for your lash goals, use gentle and steady strokes, and take your time for the best results. With a little practice and these tricks up your sleeve, you'll have stunning, fluttery lashes that will make you forget all about falsies.
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