Blackest eyeliner pen

Qudos I Line You Eyeliner Pen Story

Why an eyeliner?


Because make-up is about partnerships; different products working together to enhance, define and boost confidence. We wanted to create an iconic partnership, two products to work in perfect harmony.


Throughout history, from Cleopatra to modern icons of style; we have been fascinated by creating ways to highlight, shape and shade the eyes. We are surrounded by images of the perfect wing, a sultry smokey eye, an intriguing tight-line… eyes are expressive, honest… they speak without words, frame our emotions.


But often the fear of application stops us from exploring our creativity, self-expression and individuality.


Our commitment is to bring expert style in effortless application to everyone.


We want you to be confident. You can achieve the perfect line, every time with the precision tip, intense pigment, durability and effortless glide.

I Line You Eyeliner Pen. A classic reimagined with today’s technology. Explore limitless inspiration.


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